Fee Structure

I always try and keep my fees realistic for the job in hand. My minimum fee for notarising a document is £35.00 +VAT.

It is almost always difficult to give a firm price in advance because until I have seen the document it is difficult to know what might be involved. However, I will give you a guide as to the likely cost and where appropriate in simple cases, a fixed price based on anticipated time spent.

I would normally make a charge for visits, though I may decide to reduce this to a nominal amount, especially where the person signing is ill, infirm or otherwise unable to travel themselves.

Time spent will include writing up the register and keeping my protocol.

Where a document needs an Apostille from the Legalisation Department of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in Milton Keynes or requires a seal from an Embassy, I will make a charge for this.

As it can take the Legalisation Department up to 3 weeks to return a document, I usually advise that agents be instructed at modest cost. This can reduce the processing time to around 4 days. For each Apostille, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office charges £30.00.

To take an Oath for use in England and Wales, I charge £20.00, plus £3 for each exhibit (plus VAT).

Notary Public Services in Chelmsford and Saffron Walden